Benefits Of Landmine 180 Ab Exercise

Benefits Of Landmine 180 Ab Exercise

Landmine 180 AB exercise is a compound ab exercise developed by the former Soviet Union. This exercise is done mainly to develop the abdominal power. This type of exercise is done by athletes and warriors as it helps to improve their stamina. You can perform these landmine 180s to improve your abdominal power. Athletes and warriors consider the motion of the landmine 180 abs exercise in different perspectives. updates you with the latest tips in performing landmine 180 abs exercise.

The following write up helps you to know about the procedure to perform the landmine ab exercise. It also talks about the benefits of the landmine 180 ab exercise for athletes and warriors. It gives an overview of the various muscles which gets benefited by performing landmine 180 ab exercise.

Perspective Differs

The motion of the landmine 180 ab exercise varies in the perspective of the athlete and the warrior. The athletes consider the motion as the forearm swing of the tennis player, the butterfly or breaststroke of the swimmer, the swing of the baseball player, the golfers drive and the different activities in the track. All these replicate the motion of the landmine 180 ab exercise. The Warriors consider the motion of the above abs exercise as a soldier throwing a grenade, swinging axes, swords, flails and maces.

Performing Landmine Ab Exercise

  • You need to follow the following process to perform the landmine ab exercise
  • You need to position the bar into the landmine and secure a barbell safely in a corner.
  • Also position the bar shoulder and width apart.
  • You need to hold the bar with the fingers or with your hands
  • The starting position of the exercise is to lift the bar up to your shoulders.
  • You should rotate the bar in a half circle motion using your hip. Keep your arms extended when performing the circular motion.
  • You should place the bar to your hip level during rotation so that you can stretch your abdominal to the maximum.

Landmine 180 Ab Exercise


The benefits of performing landmine 180 ab exercise are helpful for athletes and warriors who need to develop strong abdominal strength. The exercise offers effective resistance to build powerful abdominals. This exercise is a perfect choice to strengthen your abdominals and oblique muscles. The exercise also provides explosive strength to your abdomen. The motion of the exercise helps to activate the fast twitch muscle fibers. This exercise is ideal to improve your practical survival power. Perform the following activities to train your body to perform landmine 180 abs exercise.

  • Playing sports
  • Cutting a tree
  • Fighting off zombie hordes

Strengthens Muscles

The landmine 180 ab exercise offers strength to various muscles. Though it targets the abdomen it also offers various benefits to several muscle groups. The muscle groups targeted by landmine are obliques, shoulders and lower back. You need to keep your arms extended so that you can prevent the burning sensation of the arms. You need to start with lower weight and then add up the weight after you master the movement.

The above are the various tips to perform landmine ab exercise and the benefits of these exercises.