Ringworm Infection and Use Of Essential Oils For Treating It

Ringworm Infection and Use Of Essential Oils For Treating It

Ringworm is medically referred to as tinea. It is a common fungal infection which affects the skin or scalp of humans. It causes rashes, itching etc. It is also contagious and can be treated by applying certain antifungal topical creams. Ringworm Treatment on Youtube would help to know about the various ways to get rid of ringworm. Various simple and effective home remedies can be followed to fight against the fungi causing ringworm. Proper diagnosis of the skin infection is crucial in treating these types of infection. The link www.health.com/skin-conditions talks about common skin disorders that occur in human.
The article below lists some of the causes of the ringworm infection. It also throws light on making use of certain essential oils for treating this type of infection.

Causes Of Ringworm Infection

This infection is caused due to the fungal attack. This mol like parasite thrives well on the surface of the skin. It can spread from one person to another very easily through direct contact. The infection spreads when you make use of the infected person’s towel, comb, etc. You may also get infected with ringworm from animals which is the primary source of this fungus. You can also find this type of parasite on the moist soil.

Goodness Of Essential Oil

Various types of essential oil help in treating ringworm. Essential oil works wonders in killing the fungus which causes ringworm. Here is the list of certain effective essential oil that can be used to get rid of ringworm.

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil is effective in treating ringworm infection. It is a powerful remedy which is widely used for killing the fungus responsible for the infection. Terpenoid the active ingredient of the tea tree oils which plays a vital role in fighting the infection. Apply tea tree oil along with carrier oil like coconut oil on the infected area. Apply the oil thrice daily for better results. See that you do not consume the tea tree oil internally as it may irritate your stomach.


Neem Oil

Neem oil is an excellent ancient remedy followed for treating various types of skin infections. It is a fungicide, and hence it helps in killing the fungus responsible for the cause of ringworm. The antioxidant properties present in the neem oil makes it a perfect essential oil for treating fungal infections. It helps to reduce the itching caused due to ringworm infection. Apply few drops of neem oil on the infected area and allow it to dry.

Lavender Oil

It is an aromatic essential oil which is effective when applied to the infected areas of ringworm. The oil helps in healing the effects of ringworm caused on the skin. The oil does wonders in reducing the inflammation and itching caused due to the fungal infection. You can make use of this oil in different tow ways. You can either apply them directly on the infected areas or use it mix it along with the water used for bathing.

The article above would be useful to know about the causes of ringworm infection. The essential oils specified above can help in treating ringworm infection.