You Need Proper Air Movement In A Grow Room Now!

Wietplantage 1200 volgroeide planten Industrieweg Soest. 1 arrestatie.For plants to grow and thrive, water and nutrients are necessary. It is a fact that most people know. Another factor that is essential for proper growth of plants is air movement. Be it a garden or a grow room; the flow of air is a necessity. Circulation of air in open areas occurs naturally. For enclosed spaces fans are the best choice says plantsILY. In this post, we talk about how air movement affects the growth of plants like marijuana. For more Info on Plantsily and how marijuana is helping people as a medicine go here.

Some of the ways passage of air help plants is by controlling the level of humidity and Carbon Dioxide. Together, they make physically stronger plants which in turn not only improves the quality but the quantity of your yield. So, how does this happen? Plants have small pores called stomata. It is through these gaps in the leaves that the plants breathe. When there is lack of ventilation, the stomata are unable to breathe correctly. But with adequate circulation, the stomata can inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen along with other gases. This process ensures that the plant has the energy to make food, i.e., be healthier.

Another aspect of a comfortable ventilated grow room is the removal of dust and pollen. When there is no air movement in the room, leaves tend to be covered with both pollen and dust. This again clogs their pores, stops proper breathing and restricts growth. In nature rain and wind take care of dust removal and cleanliness of the plants. In grow-rooms, one has to use sprayers to remove dust and fans to get rid of settled dust. Since using sprayers leads to higher humidity in the grow room, it becomes even more critical to ventilate it properly.

When air is allowed to circulate in and out of the growing space, it helps keep the water content in the air at an optimal level. Rooms with high humidity are always in danger of molds and fungus. Both of these can destroy your plants and yields. Too much humidity is one end of the spectrum; the other end is as harmful. When there is not enough water vapor in the grow room the plants will dry out faster. Low humidity leads to brittle and dying plants while high humidity leads to moldy and droopy plants.

The safest way to ensure that your yield is at optimal is to make sure there is movement of air after you have added water to your garden. Once you have sprayed the leaves or watered the soil, switch on the fans. If water is left unattended, it will increase the level of humidity in the room. This makes the garden a breeding ground for both diseases and pests.

These are some of the vital reasons any garden be it inside or out needs proper air movement. It takes care of stale CO2, water vapor, dust, and pollen. It makes your grow room a healthier space for your plants.